MWR WSBK Air Filter - Yamaha R1, R1M (2015-2023) & MT10 (2016-2023) (race use only)

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  • Type WSBK Air Filters
  • Manufacturer MWR
  • SKU MC-090-15/WSBK

MWR WSBK Air Filter to suit Yamaha R1, R1M (2015-2021) & MT10 (2016-2021) for race use only.

The customized superbike filter for the new 2015 R1 / R1M increase the filter surface area by 100% , which in turn increases airflow and a protection . The foam material used for our road bikes is placed conscious on a certain place to create the same effect as the splitter plate on our "HE" & "R" filters , the rest is the foam material for the full race filters.
For the fuelling you need to approach the same way as with our "HE" & "R" filter . This means tune each cylinder separate , and tune the secondary injectors separate from the main injectors.