Termignoni T 800 Up-Map Device


Termignoni T 800 Up-Map Device

SKU: SL010571T800

The T800 UpMap device connect to the bike via the diagnostic cable allowing you to experience the different maps optimized by our experts.

Manage by yourself all the set up, quickly and easily from your smartphone, via the dedicated UpMap app (available for iOS and Android)


Device size

Diameter: 61,18 mm
Depth: 18,57 mm

Functional parameters

10 - 15 Volt | 190mA  | 2.3 W

The device is powered via the included connecting cable (Termignoni part number:: SL010571) to the socket of the ECU. The ECU connecting cable must be connected to both the bike's diagnostic socket and  the T800 UpMap device. 

Once the T800 is paired to a bike it is paired for life and cannot be used on other bikes. The T800 comes with one free map code to allow a single free map download from the UpMap store. Additional maps are available to purchase direct from the UpMap map store located >>>HERE<<<