MWR Race Air Filter - Mv Augusta F3/Brutale 675 800/Rivale 800/Stradale 800/Dragster 800/Turismo Veloce Race

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  • Type Race Air Filters
  • Manufacturer MWR
  • SKU MC-066-12-R

MWR Race Air Filter to suit Mv Agusta F3 675 & 800 (17/21) / Brutale 675 800 (17/21) / Rivale 800 (17/21) / Stradale 800 (17/21) / Dragster 800 (17/21) / Turismo Veloce 800 (17/21)

MWR MV Agusta 675 F3 performance filters are specially developed to increase performance and protection, due to a bigger filter surface and a very special design. The two separate filters are mounted on the original place and clamps between airbox and air tubes to create a perfect sealing. Also we bring a pure race filter for this model, specially for track & race use only. The race filter is made of two different foam materials to create a little a High Efficient effect. Clean and pre-oil the filter at least once a year. Only clean & pre-oil the filter with MWR air filter oil and cleaner. Caution: Due to the more open structure of the race filter cleaning & pre-oiling after every two race weekends.

TIP: To maximize the ram-air effect ( and max. power) remove the protection gauze at the front of the air tubes.
NOTE: Remapping the ECU or installation of a fuel devise is necessary.