Product Bundle - Vortex ECU and Complete Scalvini Exhaust System to suit KTM EXC 500 & Husqvarna FE 501 (MY 17-19)


Product Bundle - Vortex ECU and Complete Scalvini Exhaust System to suit KTM EXC 500 & Husqvarna FE 501 (MY 17-19)



 This product bundle consists of;

  • Scalvini Full Exhaust System to suit KTM 500 EXC-F / Husqvarna FE 501 (part no: 005.019211)
  • Vortex ECU to suit KTM 500 EXC-F / Husqvarna FE 501
  • Exclusive developed map (pre-loaded into the Vortex ECU) to perfectly suit the pairing of bike and the Scalvini exhaust system. NO OTHER COMPANY / BUSINESS / MANUFACTURER IN AUSTRALIA CAN OFFER THIS LEVEL OF TESTING AND DEVELOPMENT PAIRING AN ECU, BIKE AND EXHAUST SYSTEM.


Not so long ago (before Scalvini was owned by us!) a good mate of mine (let's call him Dave) bought a 2020 model EXC 500 and decided it would be a good idea to fit a slip on to it. After slapping down well North of $1000 of his hard earned for a slip on (just the slip on...) Dave fitted it up and eagerly tore into the bush for his first ride. Much to Dave's disgust, the bike wouldn't run. It wouldn't idle. It flamed out. It ran hot. It refused to start when it was hot. Less than ideal, and Dave was not a happy camper.

After some detective work from the local guru, Dave understood that the installation of a very well known brand of slip on caused the bike to lean out - dangerously. The fix for this was supply and installation of a (you guessed it) Vortex ECU. Now Dave is a pretty resourceful rooster, but he's not resourceful enough to tune an ECU to an EXC 500 and a new slip on. So, Dave shelled out a bit more cash to get this all sorted out. Shouldn't the Vortex run straight out of the box with the slip on I hear you say? Well yes it should, and will. But in the hands of expert dyno tuner the bike, combined with the exhaust system and the programmable Vortex ECU can be better than the supplied generic, cookie cutter, one size fits all mapping. A whole lot better.

And that story got us thinking... Fast forward a little bit, we now own Scalvini Racing Australia and we have Vortex on board. It was plainly obvious to us that there is a gaping hole in the market for a paired ECU and exhaust system that is 100% custom dyno mapped, tried and tested, the AFR is running exactly where it should be and the package is ready to go straight out of the box. All you need to do is plug the ECU in, bolt the exhaust up, get on your bike and tear into the bush for your first ride, knowing (unlike Dave) that YOUR BIKE YOUR EXHAUST AND YOUR ECU IS 100% WHERE IT SHOULD BE - GUARANTEED.


1. Your Bike Wont Run Lean: Since Dave's episode we've had the opportunity to investigate this problem in greater detail and do some measured testing. Modern 4 stroke EFI motorcycles generally speaking are tuned towards the lean end of the scale to meet exhaust gas emission standards. We have found that the introduction of an aftermarket silencer or full system (anything that is more free flowing than the generally restrictive OEM exhaust system) exacerbates this problem and causes the engine to run even leaner. Dave's EXC 500 with the aftermarket slip on and OEM ECU was measured at an AFR (Air Fuel Ratio) of 17.4! The safe upper limit is 13.0. A lean engine can cause premature engine wear, overheating and in extreme cases burn off spark plug electrodes and burn a hole in your piston. Yuk! 

2. Increased Performance: You will certainly see and increase in performance with this package. Clearly, you can leave the OEM exhaust system in place, but there are large performance gains to be had by replacing the exhaust system with an aftermarket one. Want to know exactly how much of a gain you will see? No problem, check out the dyno graph in the photos on this page. We're not about rattling off an increased hp number and leaving it at that. We want you to see the dyno graph and see how much (and where) you will realise gains. Understand that this is not a couple of products that have been thrown together into a bundle and jazzed up to look pretty and glossy. We have completed our own dyno testing and developed an EXCLUSIVE MAP which will come pre-loaded into your Vortex for customers who purchase this bundle. It has been dyno tuned to the correct Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) whilst achieving real and tangible performance gains.

3. Improved Exhaust Note: this is a must have benefit for many riders, and lets face it the real reason many of us stumbled upon this page in the first place! See a link to a video of the EXC 500 here where we try to show how the Scalvini sounds. It is difficult at the best of times to provide a true representation of sound over a PC or an iPhone - but at least this is something! To put it into words, the sound of the Scalvini is quite at idle and low revs, very crisp and barky when the throttle is cracked and on the pipe it just sounds bloody good!

4. Maintains Use of OEM Handlebar Map Selector Switch: on KTM's and Husqvarna's, the Vortex ECU will work with the OEM map selector switch. The standard KTM handlebar switch will select the base Vortex map (map 1) in position 1. Position 2 on the handlebar switch will select which ever of the other 9 maps you have the selector on the Vortex set to (so set this to something other than map 1!), we suggest the preloaded map. Traction control and launch control works just like standard.

5. Vortex ECU is Fully Re-mappable: should you decide to carryout any further modifications to your bike, the Vortex ECU can be re-mapped again (not included, at additional cost) to suit any other changes you might make in the future. 

6. Quality Handmade Italian Exhaust System: Scalvini are well known for their gorgeous 2 stroke cone type expansion chambers. The same quality and workmanship goes into this 4 stroke system. The pipe is broken up into two sections, header pipe and mid pipe, rather than the OEM version which runs one section only. The dual tapered stainless steel header pipe and mid pipe is tig hand-welded for the ultimate in fit and finish. The header and mid pipe flanges are a CNC turned stainless steel section tig welded into place, rather than the cheap flared pipe ends often seen on other systems. This ensures precise fit and factory look. The silencer is tipped with replaceable stainless steel end caps and has an aluminium body. End caps are replaceable and the silencer is repackable (end caps and wool available from

7. Peace Of Mind: it can be daunting to throw new parts at your expensive bike and hope they are compatible. With this product bundle you don't have to stress, we have done all the hard work for you. Rest easy knowing this bundle has been tested and dynoed and is ready for you to plug and play. Simply plug the ECU in, bolt on the new exhaust system and ride!

8. Value For Money: If there is a better value exhaust system and ECU combination on the market today, please let us know - we're serious! For under $2000 you are getting a complete Italian handmade quality exhaust system (header and silencer), an Aussie made Vortex ECU and exclusive custom dyno tuned map loaded onto the Vortex ECU ready for you to plug and play. Consider the purchase price for other well known full exhaust systems are over $2000. And without the Vortex it will be still running lean! If you were to go and do this all yourself, you would have to buy your exhaust system, buy the Vortex, buy the $200 Vortex editable base map and then pay a dyno tuner somewhere between $600 - $800 to do the dyno tune for you. Do the maths, this works out a bloody good value which ever way you look at it.

9. Money Back Guarantee: we believe in this product bundle so much that we want to back it up with a 100% money back guarantee. If you don't like it, don't think it's the best value for money package around or, don't think it performs as advertised just let us know, then bundle it all up in the original packaging and return it to us for a full 100% refund*

10. Don't be like Dave... learn from the poor bastards' experience ladies and gentlemen!

Note: the right thing to do would be to change the names of innocent in this story... that would be the right thing to do. Names have not been changed... Dave is real! 

* money back guarantee T&C's: we hate rules as much as everyone else, but we need to put a few words around this, so here goes;

  1. applicable to original purchaser only
  2. must be returned cleaned and in as new condition (ie. you cant stove the silencer in or otherwise damage the product bundle and then ask for a refund)
  3. must be returned in original packaging
  4. guarantee is limited to 30 days from date of delivery, any claims after this time maybe rejected