MWR Performance Air Filter - Bimota DB5/DB6

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  • Type Performance Air Filter
  • Manufacturer MWR
  • SKU MC-130-08

MWR Performance Air Filter to suit Bimota DB5/DB6
MWR has developed a unique filter for the Bimota's DB5 & DB6.
MWR has detected a construction error with the airbox of the Bimota DB5 / DB6
The inlet is constructed to the front, sloping down, due to this arrangement all the dirt / water is thrown upwards from the front tire in the direction of the airbox inlet.

As a result, the much too small original filter is heavily overloaded, with the result that sand and water will pass through the filter in no time, causing sand and water to be sucked up through the inlets with disastrous consequences for the engine itself.

MWR has developed a solution for this, we have developed an "extra" filter so that the engine can now breathe properly and the much too small original filter is not so heavily "stressed" and in this way the protection of the engine itself is considerably improved.
Remove the top cover and install the MC-130-08 in its place.

No fuel maps needed, just "plug & play"