MWR Performance Air Filter - Triumph Bonneville '01/'17 Truxton '04/'15 Scrambler '06/17

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  • Type Performance Air Filter
  • Manufacturer MWR
  • SKU MC-080-01

MWR Performance Air Filter to suit Triumph BONNEVILLE '01/'17 TRUXTON '04/'15 SCRAMBLER '06/17

Performance air filter for the Triumph Thruxton / Bonneville & Scrambler replaces the OEM filter , but also the OEM filter cover , no modifications needed . The OEM filter cover highly restrict the amount of airflow and therefore we developed an air filter what must be installed without the OEM filter cover. Includes : air filter / filter cage & 3x spacers

Important & necessary to accomplish the maximum performance:
Inside the airbox there is also a second restriction, if you don’t remove this restriction it has no use at all to install the MWR filter to increase power
Luckily this restriction is easy to remove without any modifications (SEE THE LAST FOUR PHOTOS) .

1)      Open the right side of the airbox with 12 bolts
2)      Take out the restriction, no modifications needed and close the airbox again

Caution: Remapping the ECU or the Fuel Control Module is necessary.
Caution: clean and re-oil at least once a year with MWR air filter oil & cleaner