MWR High Efficency Air Filter - Ducati Racing Air Filter Hypermotard & Sport Classic

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  • Type High Efficiency Air Filters
  • Manufacturer MWR
  • SKU MC-020-06-HE

This High Efficient Ducati Hypermotard & SportClassics MWR open airbox airfilter will give the ultimate performance. No other airfilter gives your bike more airflow. Remove the top half of the airbox. 

Caution: the tophalf will not be re-used. The holding frame will be screwed in the airbox.Airfilter includes screwes. 

Caution: Remapping the ECU or the Power Commander is necessary. 

TIP : There are two ways to install the filter, first one is to open up the airbox with a hot air blower , this is the easiest way. Second one is to cut it open just above the big edge , it's a bit more work but you will have a bit more gains because there's a bit more room between stacks and filter. Because you open the airbox the inlet noise will increase....a lot.