Gilles Tooling rearset FXR-BM05

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  • Type Rearsets
  • Manufacturer Gilles Tooling
  • SKU FXR-BM05-B

Adjustment: 6 times adjustable (incl. original position "0") Height: "0" to +30 mm Length: "0" to -25 mm Technical details: racing rearset with a slim profile which closely follows the frame contour. Advantage: good knee and leg closure for the driver Fixed foot pegs with a high grip level for the best possible grip Carbon heel guards on both sides Shifting: normal and reversing possible Additional option for both shifting styles: shift linkage can be set as OE position or alternatively in the "fast" position (shift travel is shortened) Weight: Left side 540 grams Right side 618 grams Special features left side: Shift lever 10 mm in height adjustable, without the adjustment of shift rod or quick shifter is necessary Toe piece of the shift lever adjustable in 3 positions Optional holder for disassembling the side stand, article number HA-US-57 Special features right side: Exhaust holder is removable Toe piece of the brake lever fully is adjustable via eccentric.
Note: this rearsets requ