Gilles Tooling 2DGT adjustable handlebar risers with mounting kit, 2DGT-04-07

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Product details

  • Type Handlebar Risers
  • Manufacturer Gilles Tooling
  • SKU 2DGT-04-07-B
  • Barcode 4.25179E+12

Revolutionary 2DGT handlebar risers help you to find your perfect handlebar position. Move them up and down, forward and backward. 2DGT handlebar risers give you still unseen adjustability and styling.
This 2DGT-04-07 is also an universal product (no ABE legalization), you can find the measurements at the graphic file.

Details:suited for top yokes with 10.5mm holes
for 28.6mm handlebars
spacers for 22mm handlebars available
forward and backward adjustable in 3.6mm steps
max. range forward and backward 25mm (depends on height adjustment and bike tank)
up and down adjustable in 5mm steps with spacers