EP Spindle Bobbins Paddock Kit - Ducati Scrambler 1100 Sport Pro (2020+)

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  • Type Pick Up Spools
  • Barcode '5056316644143
  • Manufacturer Evotech Performance
  • SKU PRN013266-013672-06
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Features of EP Spindle Bobbins Paddock Kit for the Ducati Scrambler 1100 Sport Pro
  • Two EP spindle-fitted products in one purchase
  • Front wheel Spindle Bobbins crash protection produced from nylon with aluminium inner
  • Rear wheel hourglass shaped nylon Paddock Stand Bobbins featuring an inner stainless steel bush
  • Paddock Stand Bobbins suit standard C or V cup Paddock Stands
  • Both fitted to your Scrambler using a stainless steel, rolled-thread spindle rod

What is a Spindle Bobbins Paddock Kit?

EP Spindle Bobbins Paddock Kit for the Ducati Scrambler 1100 Sport Pro unites two of the most popular spindle-fitted products: front wheel Spindle Bobbins and rear wheel Paddock Stand Bobbins. Both are retained through the wheel spindle by a rolled-thread stainless steel spindle rod with purposefully shaped nylon bobbins. The resilient materials of the front crash protection bobbins aim to be first to receive impact should an incident occur, reducing damage to the front forks and brake calipers. The rear Paddock Stand Bobbins are crafted to securely catch the C or V shaped mounting points of many brands of paddock stand, perfect for upright storage and maintenance of your machine.

Note: EP Paddock Stand Bobbins fitted through the wheel spindle cannot be used for wheel removal.

Note: EP Paddock Stand Bobbins are designed to support the weight of the motorcycle only. They are not designed to withstand the additional weight of a person sitting on the bike.