EP Radiator Guard & Oil Cooler Guard Set - Honda CBR1000RR-R SP (2020+)


EP Radiator Guard & Oil Cooler Guard Set - Honda CBR1000RR-R SP (2020+)

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Features of EP  Radiator Guard & Oil Cooler Guard Set for Honda CBR1000RR-R SP
  • Fabricated from graded 5000-series aluminium
  • High strength to weight ratio provides maximum protection from a light-weight system
  • The EP hexagonal matrix hole-pattern ensures maximum airflow
  • No additional chassis modifications are required to ensure a fuss-free install
  • The standard Honda oil cooler air deflector is retained
  • Durable black powder coating delivers a factory-like finish
  • All required fixtures are supplied
  • Fitting instructions available to download


What are the functions of EP radiator and oil cooler guards?

Simply put, EP Radiator Guard and EP Oil Cooler Guard protect these two vital components from major damage by road debris, while allowing the necessary cooling air to pass through. The radiator and oil cooler's delicate fins easily bend to restrict the flow of cooling air, which can lead to overheating and reduced engine performance. Both units have internal cores that are prone to being holed by stones etc. Leaking coolant will make the CBR 1000RR-R SP inoperable through overheating, while a holed oil cooler will reduce oil pressure and up the risk of engine damage.

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