EP Front Spindle Bobbins - KTM 125 Duke (2017 - 2023)

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  • Barcode '5060674249889
  • Manufacturer Evotech Performance
  • SKU PRN011623-08
  • Install Instructions Open Here
Features of EP Front Spindle Bobbins for KTM 125 Duke
  • Nylon bobbins protect left and right front fork lowers and reduce risk of wheel damage
  • Bobbins attach securely with EP supplied fasteners
  • Existing mounting points retained for secure attachment
  • Nylon bobbins CNC machined for precise fit and complement the Duke's aesthetics
  • Machined aluminium spacer mount inset within bobbin to spindle locking side
  • Installation is easy

What is Spindle Bobbin Crash Protection?

EP Front Spindle Bobbins for KTM 125 Duke are precisely machined nylon bobbins which attach to the motorcycle's telescopic fork lowers to prevent damage to these exposed areas. The nylon bobbins are intended to take the force of an impact and slide (not grab) on tarmac surfaces. The addition of EP Front Wheel Spindle Bobbins can also reduce the likelihood of damage to the front wheel and brake.