EP Front Spindle Bobbins - Honda CB1000R Neo Sports Cafe (2018 - 2020)

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Product details

  • Type Axle Crash Protection
  • Barcode '5056316612814
  • Manufacturer Evotech Performance
  • SKU PRN013622-03
  • Install Instructions Open Here
Key Features of EP Front Spindle Bobbins Crash Protection for the Honda CB1000R Neo Sports Café
  • Nylon slider covering an aluminium core
  • Replacement spindle bolt with through-hole supplied plus all other required fixings
  • Held through the front wheel spindle via a stainless steel spindle
  • All parts designed and manufactured to EP's high standards
  • Individual replacement bobbins can be purchased separately

What is Spindle Bobbin Crash Protection?

Using Evotech Performance's innovative design, EP Front Fork Spindle Bobbins for the Honda CB1000R Neo Sports Café offer crash protection to the lower front forks. The nylon bobbin is able to rotate with any impact to reduce stress and wear on the lower front end. Surrounded by the nylon is a strong aluminium inner which connects to the front wheel via a rolled thread stainless steel spindle. Finally, for the crash protectors to fit to the Honda Neo Sports Café, a replacement spindle bolt is provided with a through-hole for the spindle rod.