EP BMW S 1000 RR Radiator Guard 2010 - 2011


EP BMW S 1000 RR Radiator Guard 2010 - 2011

SKU: PRN010889-10

Features of EP Radiator Guard for BMW S 1000 RR

  • Aluminium alloy construction designed and fabricated for low weight and precise fit
  • EP radiator guard provides maximum defence against road and track-day debris
  • Hexagonal matrix hole-pattern does not restrict airflow
  • The EP guard is perfectly formed to suit the frontal curve of the radiator
  • No additional chassis modifications required
  • Durable, factory-like, black powder coat finish
  • Anti-vibration material where required is included
  • Fitting instructions available to download from the Evotech Performance website

Why chose an EP Radiator Guard?

Because they are the best. All EP Radiator Guards are designed to have a high strength to weight ratio. This is to protect the radiator(s) from damage caused by road and track day debris, which is picked up and flung directly into the radiator from the bike’s front tyre or by other road users / track day riders. The machined hexagonal pattern allows essential cooling air to pass through but stop grit, stones etc from mashing the radiator’s delicate cooling fins. Misaligned fins block passing air to cause overheating. The BMW S 1000 RR radiator’s internal coolant-carrying core can easily be holed. Leaking coolant not only causes rapid engine overheating but can cause serious engine damage, and loss of grip if leaking coolant reaches the S 1000 RR’s tyres.