Ky Woods

Ky Woods: Ky is Scalvini Racing Australia's very first sponsored rider. Ky hails from Sydney, and has an impressive CV for someone at the ripe old age of 13! How does P2 in the 65cc class at the 2019  FIM Junior Motocross World Championship sound?!

Ky is a young man that is totally committed and focused on his dreams of becoming the best in the world, and he plans to go to the top step of the podium in 2021. Scalvini Racing Australia will offer Ky all the assistance we can to help him realise his dream!

Ky runs full Scalvini systems on his 85 and 105cc KTM's. These systems consist of a cone pipe and Scalvini silencer on his 85 and a Scalvini moulded pipe developed by Scalvini Italy at his request for the 105 and a Scalvini silencer.
These are the very same systems available to you that you can run on your bike.