Please note: all Scalvini pipes (cone type and moulded) are compatible with OEM silencers.

Scalvini Racing manufacture two types of expansion chambers;


Cone style expansion chamber - this is the typical cone or ring style expansion chamber that Scalvini is known the world over for producing. This is a labour intensive manufacturing process - did you know CR and KX 500 expansion chambers have over 50 individual parts which need to be hand welded to form the completed expansion chamber?! Not only do these expansion chambers look great, they are strong and like any Scalvini product, are built to perform 



Moulded expansion chamber - the expansion chamber is made up of somewhere between 4 to 7 moulded sections which are stamped out using a CNC machined mould and a press. These expansion chambers are a less labour intensive process to manufacture than the cone style expansion chamber. However, they still offer the same level of performance as the cone style expansion chamber.



There are three types of finish to the expansion chamber that the customer can select from;

Raw steel - this is the most common finish to Scalvini pipes. As the name suggests, it is simply raw steel finish which looks great, but will require some maintenance to keep it looking its best. Obviously left untreated these pipes will gather surface rust. This does not affect the integrity or strength of the pipe in anyway. To keep these pipes looking full factory, apply a liberal dose of WD40, Inox or similar after washing the bike. If surface rust forms, remove this by drowning the area in WD40/Inox and gently rubbing with steel wool until it is removed. There are only two rules for keeping these expansion chambers looking good - Rule 1 - lots of WD40/Inox. Rule 2 - see Rule 1.


Cool pipe - for those that truly want the best... Scalvini start with a standard raw steel cone pipe, hand linish it to a brushed finish, reweld all the welds on the pipe, brush it again with the linisher and finally heat treat each and every weld on the pipe to bring out the beautiful blue weld colour. The pipe is then wrapped and sent to us in Australia. We then send it to our mates in Sydney who apply a clear Cerakote finish to the pipe to keep it looking as good as it did the day you unwrap it. Cerakote is a baked ceramic finish that is heat resistant upto 650 degree Celsius and sets harder than a woodpecker's lips. And the best thing about it... no maintenance. That's right, wash the bike like you normally would any other expansion chamber and push it in the shed, no soaking the Scalvini in WD40 for you


Nickel plated - not generally a stocked item in Australia, however available ex. Italy. As the name says, this is a chromed (or nickel plated) expansion chamber. If anyone asks for this to be applied to a cone pipe, sorry but we will flatly refuse! This surface treatment conceals the base metal in a covering of chrome and is (generally) applied only to moulded pipes. There are no special maintenance requirements to keep this pipe looking its best.