Scalvini Racing

Welcome to the new home of Scalvini Racing Australia! We're still the same place, it just looks a bit different now!

Not only do they look incredible, they perform incredibly well too. Performance is built into the DNA of every Scalvini product. Scalvini track test and dyno test everyone of their products during development so you can be sure your exhaust system will perform just as great as it looks. 

Scalvini Racing Australia (owned by are the exclusive Australian importer and distributor of Italian Scalvini handcrafted exhaust systems. One look at these products will tell you that Scalvini products align perfectly with the ethos of obsessively desirable moto gear.

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About Scalvini Racing

Manufactured in Bovezzo in the Lombardy area of Italy, Scalvini Racing exhaust systems are world renowned for their striking appearance, and also their incredible performance gains. The 2 stroke exhaust systems are reminiscent of the unobtainable “works” pipes of the 80’s and 90’s. All Scalvini exhaust systems are repeatedly dyno tested and real-world-ridden during development to extract every last kilowatt that can possibly be wrung out of a two stroke exhaust system. Couple this with Scalvini’s large range of silencers for the absolute ultimate exhaust system!

Scalvini have recently turned their attention to 4 stroke exhausts too, and the results are pretty similar! Italian hand crafted 4 stroke exhaust systems not only look great, perform great, meet FIM noise standards, they won’t break the bank either. are proud to be associated with Scalvini Racing and are dedicated to ensuring this incredible brand gets the recognition and attention that it deserves in the Australian market.